Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices

No-Jailbreak mSpy
For iOS Devices

  • Monitor any iOS device activities
  • No jailbreaking for easy monitoring
  • Guaranteed safety & security
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Get the iCloud credentials for the device to be monitored without jailbreak and ensure iCloud backup is activated on the device; otherwise you’ll need physical access to it


Turn on the features to be monitored among the numerous options in the list (Click here for a list of features available with mSpy Without Jailbreak)


Follow the Wizard Setup instructions and log into your Control Panel; you’ll get the data on the user’s activity at once

Our friends share their experience

mSpy monitoring is one of the best services I’ve ever used, believe the busy mom! I can monitor mobile activity of my 3 kids on the fly. And what is more, no complicated jailbreak process!

Anna P.

The monitoring solution without harm to the integrity of a phone is a rare bird in the mobile apps market. mSpy offers numerous monitoring features, and no jail-break at that!

George M.

I give mobile devices to all the employees in my company. They agreed upon monitoring these devices without jailbreaking. mSpy helped us both ways: I can monitor any device; my employees use secure gadgets and protect personal information.

Brandon W.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is an advanced monitoring software for mobile devices and desktops. It can be used by parents of underage children, as well as by business owners to monitor employees with their consent on company-owned devices.

mSpy offers numerous monitoring features: Call History, Email, SMS, GPS Tracking, Chat Apps, Browser History, and more.

mSpy has the option for those interested in monitoring iOS devices without jailbreaking them. You need the iCloud credentials only, for mSpy to start monitoring any device you wish.

The accompanying features are: Contacts, Text Messages, Notes & Events. New features appear on the regular basis.