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KidSecured GPS Tracking

Get the most accurate GPS tracking app for families. Monitor the kid’s real-time coordinates and put no-go places on a private family map to manage their movements.

Monitor GPS Location -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Monitor kid’s location


    check on your child remotely using the best app to track kids. Find out their precise whereabouts. Get timestamps if you need to identify specific information.

  • Map out safe areas for your kid


    add and monitor geo fences around specific zones. Get notifications with exact timestamps every time a child enters or leaves them.


Why KidSecured is the best family GPS tracker?

460 000 children are missing each year

The KidSecured app is enhanced with the GPS tracking feature that allows parents to locate their kid’s cell phone. It was created to meet the needs of every parent who has ever been worried about their kid’s whereabouts.
Using GPS tracker for your kid’s phone, 
you can see their location in real-time and view the list of visited places.