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compatibility policy

This article describes Kidsecured commitment to compatibility of target devices for the Software application installation.
It also describes how a user may introduce changes to a target device for the Software installation.

please read carefully the compatibility policy before placing an order for subscription.

Compatibility Policy provides the following requirements for different target devices and operational systems:

requirements for ios devices:

ios devices without jailbreak

requirements for android smartphones and tablets:

legal info

You are aware that before installing the Software you have to check the requirements of compatibility of your target device.
In case your device is not compatible with the Compatibility Policy you may not install and use the Software application and all negative consequences and responsibility will be borne by you.


In case your target device is compatible with these requirements we may not guarantee that all the features of Kidsecured Software application under the subscription plan will correctly run on a target device. It may contain bugs, which should be fixed in future updates.

The last update of this Compatibility Policy is 01 September, 2020