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KidSecured GPS locations

Get the most accurate GPS parental control app for families. Monitor the kid’s real-time coordinates and put no-go places on a private family map to manage their movements.

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Parental Control Solution


  • Monitor the kid’s location Check on your child remotely using the best app to track kids. Find out their precise whereabouts. Get timestamps if you need to identify a specific information.
    Parental Control Solution
  • Create geo fences for safe zones Get an enhanced GPS feature - geo fencing. Establish virtual boundaries around specified locations and get alerts when they are crossed.
    Parental Control Solution
Kidsecured features

Map out safe areas for your kid

sms/text messages

Add and monitor geo fences around specific zones. Get notifications with exact timestamps every time a child enters or leaves them.

What makes the KidSecured app the best family GPS locator for a kid control?

The KidSecured app is enhanced with the GPS tracking feature that allows parents to locate the child’s cell phone. It was created to meet the needs of every parent who has ever been worried about their kid’s whereabouts.

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If you’re a novice in this GPS thing, but want to give it a try, let’s find out first what the GPS is. The Global Positioning System was developed by the US Department of Defense to determine the geographical location of militaries and civil people.

So, how does the GPS tracking for kids work? There have to be three main components: the satellites, the receivers, which parents are, and the complex software required to translate the signals and determine the geographical placement of the monitored child. That way, if your child is carrying around a mobile, you can always track your kid’s cell phone and, that way, him or her respectively. Nowadays, children’s phones are easily identifiable, and parents have all the chances to check on them remotely.

Why should parents use the KidSecured GPS tracking for kids?

The KidSecured app is a mapping software. It delivers parents the data so they could lean on a kid map to pinpoint their location. So, their device literally becomes kids tracking phone and allows parents to keep peace of mind in the light of modern challenges.

In general, GPS is an integral part of surveying and mapping kids’ activities on a daily basis. It maintains the detailed mapping and modeling of the real world. The KidSecured features with GPS display the information on a virtual map to lead parents to the necessary place. Thus, it is a system that communicates continuous, real-time, accurate data to a parent.

With geo fences, KidSecured provides not just position information but allows mapping out places which are potentially dangerous for kids. It enhances the capability for tracking any kind of abduction and is especially helpful in case of emergency. Parents set up customizable location-backed notification alerts and get them to their email.

From now on, GPS inbuilt in kid phones or tracking apps put an emergency location ability in the hands of every parent. Globally, it’s a breakthrough in establishing a safety net. The GPS information altogether with other monitoring features enables a timely reaction. Using apps like the KidSecured one facilitates child safety services.

Why did using parental controls’ GPS tracking become underway?

The last National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway children state a significant decrease of missing kids’ rates (since 1999). They relate such positive shifts to a cell phone technology use. Interviewed for the studies, parents recognized the contribution of kids and parents’ cell phone in identifying the child’s location.

In the UK, Derek Grant used a tracking app to find out the thief of his son’s mobile. Threatening with a knife, the criminal robbed a kid when he was heading home from work in McDonald’s.

Another notorious case shows that using GPS-related ways to identify the location works well for families. In Pennsylvania, a mother found her teen daughter thanks to an iOS tracking app. The teen was abducted by her mom’s ex-boyfriend against her will. The police managed to find the girl in a McDonald's parking lot more than 150 miles away from home.

To sum up, GPS apps for kids are a reliable solution not just for households but law enforcement agencies.

When technology meets the needs of the State.

In 2017, there were about 464,324 missing children reports to the National Crime Information Center (according to the US Department of Justice). The FBI categorizes six types of missing:

  • When a family member kidnaps a child against their will.This is a common practice in the USA, especially when ex-partners deal with custody fights. In this case, the KidSecured team recommends agreeing on using the children GPS locator right after the very thought of divorce hit the mind.
  • When a nonfamily perpetrator detains a child without the law or parents’ permission.To prevent it, tracking kids cell phone can be helpful in ordinary life.
  • When a stranger or an unknown person detains the child and threatens to inflict a physical damage.The KidSecured app will help out as well since it is inserted into the kid’s cell phone with the GPS tracking feature.
  • When kids run away from home.There are multiple reasons for that. Geo fences might come in handy here because parents will be immediately informed that children had crossed the forbidden boundaries.
  • When a child is lost, stranded, or injured and their exact whereabouts are unknown.Whatever the situation is, the phone locator augments the chances to find a kid.
  • When the missing has no explanation, and the kids’ location is unknown for no reason.Besides turning to the relevant agencies, examining kids’ possible whereabouts with a locator for kids might be insightful.

Obviously, no app or tech can’t be a cure but rather an assistant. Moreover, when using the bunch of the KidSecured app’s monitoring features, it is possible to track signals of the potential abduction.

GPS might be a way out for parents whose kids struggle with mental diseases, such as:

  • Alzheimer and dementia.Wandering or getting lost are an overwhelming experience for kids and parents. The KidSecured app may serve as an assistive technology providing support to both sick people and caregivers.
  • Memory loss and confusion.Kids can find themselves in unknown places without even understanding how they got there. The software will deliver their location straight to parents.
  • Blindness and vision problems.Usually kids with sight issues are never left alone but using the KidSecured app as a preventive measure might be powerful.

Where can parents use KidSecured GPS parental control app?

Every family is unique as well as the way every child is being raised. But no kid is supposed to be isolated. They interact with the world and discover its angles sometimes without discerning bad and good intentions. Therefore, parents should create safe conditions for a healthy development, which is impossible without monitoring their environment and acting respectively.

Here’s where the KidSecured GPS tracking feature can come in handy:

  • Co-parenting.The app helps co-exist peacefully and be there for a child. The software works for the benefit of a child and ends disputes when the matter of safety prevails.
  • Single parenting.For a sole dad or mom, the app can be a reliable assistant, especially if they should take extra work or be away from home. Checking on remotely is a simple but useful routine that is able to comfort a busy parent.
  • Custody carriers.Caregivers can use it to control kids. With a kid locator app, it’s much easier to handle such responsibilities.
  • Dysfunctional families.The KidSecured app can be helpful when raising a child in the conditions when both partners are together but one of them influences the kid’s development negatively.

So how to track kids phone if I’m having a particular case? Whatever your situation is, GPS works the same way for everybody: you get all the data to your control panel and alerts to your email if the virtual boundaries you’d previously set up are breached. The KidSecured GPS locations feature works great for any type of the family because its core focus is the child’s safety. Like smart collars for cats, devices with KidSecured become best “smart phones” for kids.

Kids are more productive when being monitored and accountable to parents. Having a GPS tracking app on the phone ensures your child will opt for the safest and smart routes and act in a more secure and time-efficient manner.

Monitoring makes a child review the time it takes to reach a place. They become more disciplined and responsible.

What are life scenarios for using an app to track kids’ location?

  • Malls’ labyrinth.If there’s no babysitter and you need to go shopping, the visits to shops might turn into hell with hyperactive kids. One moment you keep an eye on them, the other one they disappear in the crowd. Besides reporting to the relevant mall’s service, you can track a kid on your own.
  • Hotels and other buildings that have a complicated infrastructure.As with malls, the app can help the same way. Especially it makes sense when you’re on vacation and all you have is your device and the Internet.
  • Promenades in the crowd.This might seem naive, but active children tend to drop behind others being attracted with toys, kids playing backgrounds, interesting images, etc. Later, you get nervous after realizing you don’t see a child in the crowd. So, the app can easily bring you to the child’s location if you use the kids GPS locator.
  • Trips with airport transfers, etc.Vacations might be cumbersome, and parents can lose vigilance since so many things need to be considered. So, children get lost or simply wander around. To prevent it, parents can turn to parental controls to manage the kid’s movements.

What countries use the most the KidSecured GPS locations?

The USA demonstrates the most significant interest in parental controls. Multiple factors are contributing to it. Some of them are the following:

  • Broad audience.Needless to emphasize that the parental niche is enormous throughout the country. For now, it’s hard to identify how many parents use it, but regarding the fact that the global market will reach $9 billion by 2023, its number is considerable.
  • More grateful audience which thanks with loyalty and money investments.If you take care of somebody’s baby safety (even if they are 16), they will pay you back with the most valuable things they have - attention and money.
  • Parental control apps’ head offices located in America mostly.he giants on the monitoring market come from the USA and operate mostly in this area.
  • Inbuilt parental controls prove its underway tendency.YouTube has it, so do WhatsApp and Chrome. It proves the importance of parental controls in general. Since kids can get around inbuilt ones, apps come with a more robust installation.
  • Opinion leaders green-light parental controls.For example, the European Commission encourages the IT reps to develop tech solutions, including parental controls, to protect children online. The GPS locations feature is normally incorporated as well.
  • Current events preconditioning the tech involvement.Cyberbullying, online pranks and stunts, celebs’ buzz, challenges and games (Tide Pod Challenge) are intensified by the “American” origin.

In Europe, parents also use parental control apps. The countries particularly interested in monitoring tools are France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

What US states show the biggest demand dynamics?

In 2017, the Georgia state saw an increase in drug use among teens. Thus, KidSecured became useful here as a way to monitor symptoms and pinpoint the locations of a drug-addicted teen. North Carolina keeps up demonstrating the demand for monitoring features. Parents’ reviews testify that the app helped out a lot in cyberbullying issues.

California citizens like the most the GPS location tracking. And this is for a good reason. After notorious cases of child kidnapping, such as the case of a 7-year-old Megan, abducted, raped, and killed, controlling the kid’s whereabouts became a vital routine.

When overviewing the reasons for the growth of app use, it’s crucial to regard state problems. For example, Texas citizens face mental issues among the youth, such as depression and suicidal thoughts. So, do the teens of New Jersey. Apparently, it’s a nationwide problem, but these states stand out more than others. Thus, parents tend to supervise children and regulate device use and online presence.

After shooting in Florida, the demand for the KidSecured GPS feature increased. Unfortunately, the reason is somber, but parents want more than ever to check on their kids.

Are there any other tips to follow when using the Kidsecured GPS parental control app?

The KidSecured team takes care of its customers by providing actionable tips which need to be implemented altogether with the app:

  • First, you have to do is to talk beforehand about a possible situation. Explain that after getting lost, they need to go to the security guard. Show these people to your kid the other day and where they are used to staying so your child could find them.
  • The other day, check how they learned the information about security guards and ask them to show these people on their own.
  • Communicate the idea that going somewhere with a stranger is forbidden. Watch social videos together, discuss cases, explain different ways how abusers lure kids and why they do it.
  • When your daughter or son got lost, go to the security staff and give a detailed description of your child.
  • Show the photo.
  • Ask them to spread the information over all the mall.
  • Ask the security guard to seek through the toilets.
  • Involve other people, shout the name, age, and details of clothes.
  • Call the police.
  • Call Missing Children SA or relevant service in your country.

In lots of cases, kids get lost because while a mom is doing shopping, they are distracted by devices. So, with them in the hands, they wander and get lost somewhere. One of the most important rules is to take away the device, at least for the shopping time.

Summing up.

With the KidSecured GPS parental control installed on a child device, their device becomes the best “smart” phone for kids because it works for their safety and protection. This kid locator app is a huge relief for every parent with any life situation. Once given a shot, parents will like it for sure.