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Call Restriction

Prevent your kid from receiving unwanted calls with Kidsecured. Manage all settings directly from your Control Panel.

Calls Restrict -

With Kidsecured Parents can:

  • View the complete list of call logs
  • Block all unwanted numbers
  • Manage the imposed restrictions

Why Parents Will Find This Feature Useful?

of teens ages 13-17 have mobile devices which makes them vulnerable to online dangers

Everywhere you look, you can see teenagers talking on their smartphones. While it helps to stay in touch with family, it has some potential downfalls.
For kids, it is a common case to misuse their devices spending on them more time than they should. For instance, many parents say their kids can talk all night long or even during school hours which may affect their sleep patterns and school performance.
With Kidsecured you can keep tabs on the list of incoming and outgoing calls, filter it out and block those numbers you disapprove.

Get rid of restricted number calls with Kidsecured

In today’s technology-driven world, a smartphone is a necessary tool not only for adults but for kids as well. But very often, kids are not mature enough to use it properly.

They may be scammed or cyberbullied through the phone calls or just be annoyed by frequent robocalls. Let’s consider the reasons why you need to know how to block incoming calls on your kid’s device.

Why to set call blocking on your kid’s device?

Without doubts, you personally received calls telling that you’ve got a big win or offering to buy something. Your kid may also receive numerous nuisance spam calls becoming distracted from their studying and other activities. Or it can get worse. They may fall victim to cyberbullying or online predators, and you will not even know it. That’s why for every parent, it is important to be aware of how to make a call restricted. In the circumstances such as these, Kidsecured comes in handy.

What are advantages of incoming calls block?

Knowing how to block unwanted incoming numbers with Kidsecured, you receive a range of benefits, especially:

  • Get to know how to block calls and trace restricted calls
  • You can establish do-not-call regulations on your kid’s phone;
  • You can ensure your kid is not involved in fraud and abuse;
  • You can protect your kids from unwanted interactions;
  • You can prevent unwanted numbers from reaching your kid’s device;

Kidsecured is a simple and user-friendly app which has everything you need to protect your kids from unwanted interactions and unhealthy communications. Now you may forget about worries of guessing with whom you kid communicates all day long. You can check all the data remotely and block this number if needed.