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Email Monitoring

Check your kid’s emails to find out what do they share with others. KidSecured allows you to monitor emails of your child as well as other online activity both on Android and iOS devices.

Incoming - Outgoing Emails -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Check sent/received emails
  • Track each email time and date
  • Find out the recipient info

Why should you use KidSecured email monitoring software?

of 12-15s know how to block junk email or spam

Many tweens and teens do not distinguish safe links from malicious ones. That’s why they frequently expose their devices to security threats. You can help your child avoid dangers with the KidSecured email tracker software.

KidSecured allows parents to monitor kid’s emails to detect spam letters and other inappropriate material.

Start Monitoring Kid’s Email With KidSecured

With the invention of email sharing of essential files and documents became more comfortable and safer. Although email is often associated with older generation, tweens and teens also use email regularly. Most of them submit school/college assignments by email.

Do you want to check whether your child has completed their homework? KidSecured offers parents a secure way to email monitoring. Track your kid’s email safely with the KidSecured app.

Use KidSecured To Help Your Child Avoid Spam

Among all the folders, such email services as Gmail, have a Spam folder. But not all the junk email is categorized as spam. Sometimes such letters appear in the kid’s inbox. And after the child opens the letter and follows the link included, the malicious software may be installed on their device.

Using KidSecured, you can protect your child from unwanted emails and malware. Check their Gmail or any other email service inbox with KidSecured tracking software to avoid online threats.