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KidSecured Parental Control App

Start monitoring your kid’s Android or iPhone device with KidSecured. Check their sent and received messages, block installed apps and track real-time location with the best parental control app.

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Kidsecured parental control Kidsecured parental control Kidsecured parental control
Kidsecured parental control Kidsecured parental control Kidsecured parental control


  • Read WhatsApp conversations

    Discover what your child interacts with using the KidSecured app. It allows you to read the messages your child sends and receives in WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and other IMs.
  • Filter Internet content

    Block inappropriate websites and limit access to the unsavory content your child may be exposed to on the internet. KidSecured helps you to protect your child from misuse of the internet.
  • Track real-time location

    Find out your kid's location at any time of the day with KidSecured location tracker. Access the location history to track your child’s route.
Kidsecured features

Monitor kid’s call history

sms/text messages

KidSecured tracks call history on the Android and iPhone of your child. Find out who your kid interacts with and block the unwanted connections.

Receive keyword alerts

sms/text messages

KidSecured applies keylogger to track the keystrokes on the kid’s device. Receive a notification whenever your child types something inappropriate.

Discover Why KidSecured Is The Best Parental Control App

With the spread of technologies, children now have constant access to their devices and the internet. They can browse the web freely looking for information for school projects, finding out more about their hobbies and meeting new friends. But along with positive things to do on the internet, there are many adverse effects of misuse of the World Wide Web.

Fortunately, there are lots of tools, which helps parents monitor and filter the content their kids are exposed to. KidSecured is one of them. But, what differs KidSecured from other parental control apps, is that it works flawless and track the vast scope of activities performed on the target device.

Read more to find out why KidSecured is the must-have parental control app for every parent.

Explore Useful KidSecured Features

Check what features KidSecured can offer you:

  • Sent/received messages tracker - except for SMS monitoring, provided by most of the parental control apps, KidSecured also allows you to check the messages your child exchanges in instant messengers like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, etc.
  • Geofencing - there are lots of apps, which provide location tracking services. But, KidSecured has made a step ahead and brought in geofencing. So, once you install KidSecured on the kid’s device, set geofences to get alerts when your kid enters or leaves one.
  • Keyword alerts - applying keylogger, KidSecured tracks the keystrokes on the kid’s device. If you set the rule for specific words or phrases, KidSecured will notify you when a kid uses any of them.
  • Wi-Fi Networks tracker - kidSecured shows all the Wi-Fi networks the device has been connected to. You can block any of the networks to prevent your kid’s device from connecting to it and wasting their time scrolling feeds.
  • Distant control - kidSecured allows parents to manage their kid’s device distantly. You can block apps, filter internet content, check all the activity logs from the comfort of your own house.
  • Adjustable update interval - while with others parental control apps you can receive activity logs once a day, with KidSecured you are free to modify the update interval. You can choose to receive activity updates every 20 minutes and check the newest info regularly.

The list of features is even not full. KidSecured is often called the best parental control app as it ensures comfortable Android and iPhone monitoring. Compatible with two of the most popular operating systems for mobile phones, KidSecured works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

How To Start Using KidSecured Parental Control App?

To try out KidSecured, you need to purchase a subscription on the official website. We will send you a welcome letter with your personal login credentials. You can use them to enter your Control Panel and check the activity updates.

Once you log in to your Panel for the first time, you will see installation guidelines. Follow them to install the KidSecured on the Android device of your kid.

If your kid’s device is iPhone, no installation of KidSecured app is needed. Provide iCloud credentials and enable iCloud back-up to start tracking activities on an iOS device.

After installation is done, KidSecured will start tracking activities on the mobile phone. The app will transfer the activity logs to your Panel depending on your update interval. Note that a short update interval requires significant traffic use. It is recommended to use 15 minutes interval to use fewer mobile data and battery.

Why Do Parents Need KidSecured Parental Control?

In the information age, kids are exposed to many threats. That's why parental control tool is must have app for the parents. Scan the list of all the online dangers your child may face while browsing the web:

  • Cyberbullying - Almost every day media share stories of kids who suffer from cyberbullying and hate. Kids face online harassment often, and only a few of them are courageous enough to share it with friends or parents.
    Major cyberbullying cases frequently happen in private messages. Checking your kid’s social media chats you can be the first who find out about toxic connections of your child.
  • Dangerous challenges - Blue Whale, Tide Pod challenge, and even Truth or Dare game make children do stupid things. They often expose themselves to enormous danger. Also, kids tend to film how they complete the challenge to prove they are daring enough.
    By filtering internet content, parents can protect their kids from harmful material. So you can stop the kid from falling under someone’s negative influence.
  • Misuse of mobile apps - installing too many apps on their mobile phones, kids often waste a lot of time playing games and chatting with friends. Some of them even start suffering from Fomo. In result, they can’t cope with the actual list of tasks and assignments.
    Blocking some mobile apps on your kid’s device, you will help your child stay productive and organized all day.
  • Sexting - sexting is another negative phenomenon that may affect your child mental health. By pretending to be someone your child knows, strangers often trick tweens and teens into the conversation. But you never know, when such harmless interaction may turn into sexting.
    Prevent unwanted connections by viewing the conversations of your child. Check their chats on all popular instant messengers to find out who they communicate with.
  • Adult-oriented material exposure - children often stumble upon content that may not be age appropriate. Even unexpected pop-ups may contain inappropriate material. But, sometimes exposure to adult content is done intentionally. Many kids are curious to know things they shouldn’t. That’s why they intend to google something then asking parents.
    Applying KidSecured parental control, you can filter internet content and prevent your child from early exposure to adult websites.

Try Out The Best Parental Control App

You are only one step away from using the best parental control app. Just choose between basic or premium subscription to start checking on online activity of your child.

Log in to your personal Control Panel to examine the activity logs, customize the KidSecured app settings and control your kid’s device use absolutely remotely.