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Check On Kid’s Text Messages

Have a sneak peek into your kid’s text messages with KidSecured. Read the messages sent and received to protect your child from toxic connections.

Text Messages Tracking -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Read sent, received and deleted SMS
  • Discover the sender/recipient
  • Check each SMS timestamp

Why should you read kid’s text messages?

teens with smartphones text every single day

Although messaging apps has improved the quality of online communication, the good old SMS is still a reliable and accessible way to stay in touch. SMS is the easiest way to reach a child. But apart from communication between kids, children often suffer from bad connections.
Read the text messages of your child with KidSecured to make sure they interact only with positive people. Analyze conversations and discover timestamps of each SMS right in your Control Panel.

iPhone/Android Parental Monitoring – How To Read Text Messages With KidSecured

Modern tweens and teens use all the ways of communication. The majority of them have Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Although, it is necessary to note that the newest methods of staying in touch, do not remove the old good SMS text messaging from the stage.

Children exchange SMS with their friends, classmates, parents and even strangers. Yes, strangers can easily reach the child via text messages. The only thing needed is to find the kid’s phone number (which is the easiest task as they are displayed on social media profiles).

Sometimes, communication with strangers results in negative results for the children. The young minds do not recognize the dangers from the start of interaction with the unknown person, but when they begin to face the risks, they simply don’t know how to manage them.

The necessity to monitor kid’s text messages is evident. But not many parents know how to do that. KidSecured can help you find out who your child texts with and when. Find out how to use the KidSecured app to protect your child from unwanted connections.

Use KidSecured Parental Controls To Read Kid’s Text Messages

The KidSecured parental control app is an effective way of monitoring your kid's online activities. It is also an easy tracking method, as you can check the activity logs right from your Control Panel. Follow the steps below to find out how to start using KidSecured.

  • Create an account - Register your account on the KidSecured website. Decide on the subscription plan and provide payment. Once it is done, you can proceed to download and install the KidSecured app.
  • Install - You need to install the KidSecured app on the smartphone of your child. Find installation guidelines in your dashboard. KidSecured Customer Support team helps with installation and setup of the app. In case of any difficulties, contact them immediately.
  • Monitor - If you install the KidSecured app on the mobile phone, it will start collecting activity data. Then the app transfers activity to your Control Panel. To monitor the kid’s phone and read text messages, you need to log in to your Panel with personal credentials.

When you enter your Control Panel, you will see the list of activities on the left. Choose text messages. All conversations of the child will appear. Hover over the text message to discover the time and date it was sent or received.

To obtain the newest SMS activity logs, make sure you’re the target device is nearby your Wi-Fi home network. So the logs will be transferred to the Panel faster.

Is It Okay To Check Your Kid’s Text Messages?

It’s difficult to answer that question because it can have multiple answers. The right answer depends on your child’s age, social behavior and personality. There are cases when the honest and open relationship with your child leaves no reason to check their text messages. But there are also other situations.

Not every child is willing to share personal life details with parents. Some want to avoid judgments; the others may be too shy to express their minds to parents. Whether your child is talkative or not, you should tell them about responsible texting behavior.

Express your child that you are worried about them. Warn them that anyone can easily forward or take a screenshot of their text, to make them feel embarrassed or humiliated.

Together with your child, try to establish rules for device monitoring. Be flexible in your decisions. It is also important to insist on following the set rules. If the child feels your care, protection, and honesty, they won't be irritated by your intention to control their mobile activity.