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Videos Monitoring

Find out what moments your child loves to capture. Monitor the videos stored on your kid’s phone with KidSecured.

Reviewing Multimedia Files(videos) -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Play any video stored on the device
  • Check the duration of each video
  • View videos grouped by date added

Why should you monitor your kid's videos?

of 5-7s kids prefer watching pranks and challenges among other videos on Youtube

Children often take videos of funny and crazy moments of their lives. Sometimes they film parties, school events, personal and their friends’ achievements. Some videos stored on your kid’s device may even show such sides of your kid’s personality you never knew about.

KidSecured helps you to discover what secrets hides the media files saved to child’s device. Protect young minds from harmful content exposure.

How To Monitor Your Kid’s Videos With KidSecured?

KidSecured is the parental control and video monitoring application. It captures the mobile phone activity of the child and copies the found information to your Control Panel. You can check the videos right after they are uploaded to the Panel.

Browse Videos And Other Files On Your Kid’s Phone

Children record videos to keep some crazy, funny and even sad moments live in their minds. That’s why viewing your child save media may tell you a lot. If you want to spy on videos on your kid’s phone, KidSecured can make it possible.

If the photos and pictures are what interest you more than videos, you can also have a sneak peek into your kid’s images with KidSecured. Have a look into your kid’s gallery with KidSecured. You will surely find something exciting.