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Hangouts Monitoring

Monitor Hangouts Messages of your kid to always know what they are up to. Ensure they are not involved in cybercrime or interaction with suspicious strangers.

Hangouts Tracking -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Read all sent and received Hangouts texts;
  • Check contacts, maps, photos, etc.
  • View date and time of every text;

Why Parents Will Find This Feature Useful?

of kids receive threatening or mean messages online

The majority of kids communicate with their friends through instant messaging apps. Having a lot of amusing features, Hangouts is becoming increasingly popular among tweens and teens. There they can send text messages, initiate video calls, share multimedia files and more. But very often kids misuse digital technologies and fall victims to cyberbullies or online predators.
Check your kid’s Hangouts messages with Kidsecured and minimize the risks of unwanted exposure. Ensure your kid is neither exposed to adult content nor involved in communication with online strangers.

Inside Google Hangouts: Everything Parents Need to Know

These days, there is a significant number of tools that help kids to stay in touch with their family and friends. Google Hangouts is one of them. Let’s consider in greater depth what exactly Hangouts is.

What is Hangouts App?

Google Hangouts is social networking which helps people to stay in touch with people around the globe. This service is tied to your Gmail and allows to:

  • share messages with one person or a group (up to 10 people);
  • start video or voice calls for free;
  • send photos, emojis, and stickers;
  • share current GPS location;

Why Should Parents Care About Hangouts Monitoring?

  • Google Hangouts can be used to lure kids into the trap of cyberbullies or online predators;
  • Kids may pretend to be older or strangers may pretend to be younger;
  • Kid’s may share sensitive information or share sexually-explicit photos;

How Parents Can Protect Kids on Hangouts App?

If your kid has a Google Hangouts account, first of all, you need to have a conversation about the dangers they may come across online. Encourage your kid to communicate only with people they know and ignore any stranger's request.

Secondly, keep the line of communication open. Your kids need to know they always can come to you if they experience or witness anything that makes them embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Thirdly, use parental control app to monitor Google Hangouts chats and other activities on your kid’s device. For instance, Kidsecured. It allows you to ensure your kid is safe and not involved and nasty things.

Google Hangouts Bottom Line

From one side, this app is a good way to stay in touch with family and friends. But at the same time as the most instant messengers, this app poses a severe threat to underage kids.

That's why every parent needs to have a conversation with their kids about privacy and set reasonable restrictions. The extra layer of security is to use parental controls like Kidsecured to monitor kid’s Hangouts.