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Websites Blocking

Block access to inappropriate sites on the device of your child with KidSecured. Protect young minds from dangerous and unsavory content.

Blocking Websites -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Limit access to certain websites
  • Control the sites your kid visits
  • Filter all Internet content

Why is websites blocking important?

of 12-15s children have ever used a browser in privacy mode

Children browse the internet daily. They visit plenty of websites and often come across adult-oriented platforms. Even if you control how your child uses the internet, you can't prevent them from accessing specific sites in privacy mode.

KidSecured can help you block any site, so your child won’t be able to bypass the restrictions. By filtering online content with KidSecured, you will create a safe environment for your child development.

How To Filter Online Content For Your Children With KidSecured?

The internet is the place where anyone can find something for themselves. It’s about communication and expressing yourself. It has any content you may look for: from cooking recipes to extreme sport compilation videos. Along with many exciting and inspiring material, Internet is also a source of dangerous content.

Young users are at risk of exposure to dangerous websites. They are curious to know everything and often find themselves seeing and watching they are not supposed to. When it comes to how kids use the internet, parental supervision is a priority. Parents need to control what websites their children visit.

With helpful tools like KidSecured, you can create a safer online world for your child. Find out how to block websites on Android phone of your kid with KidSecured.

Filter, Block, and Control – Manage Kid's Internet Use With KidSecured

KidSecured is the first parental control app that covers all the monitoring features necessary for every parent. It helps to filter, block and control internet use to prevent inappropriate material exposure.

Let’s go into more details of what can you do with KidSecured.

  1. Filter - while adults understand some websites contain malware or promote hazardous behavior, kids often do not recognize unsafe sources. Moreover, in their curious age, they want to get a sneak peek into what sexuality and sexual relationship means.

    As a parent, you can help your child find out everything they want to know without exposure to inappropriate material. With KidSecured you can filter all the internet content. You can decide what websites you allow your kid to access and what doesn’t and KidSecured will help to follow the rules.

  2. Block - limiting access to some websites you can ensure your child spend time browsing safe sources. KidSecured allows blocking all web pages on the website. If you add a specific website to the blacklist, your kid won't be able to enter related pages of the site as well.

    You can unblock the sites anytime from your Control Panel. So, if you limit access to some sources during school time, you can unblock the site in the evening when all the homework is done.

  3. Control - apart from filtering and blocking features, you can control what your child sees online. KidSecured captures website history on the kid's device to provide you with detailed information on what websites were visited and when.

    Moreover, KidSecured controls other activities on the target device. You can find out who your child communicates with on WhatsApp or Snapchat; locate their mobile phone anytime and check the photos and videos stored in their photo gallery.