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Telegram Monitoring

Telegram is a straightforward way to reach anyone. Monitor Telegram account of your child with KidSecured to figure out what they share in private chats.

Telegram tracker -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Read sent/received messages
  • Access secret chats
  • View Telegram contacts

Why should you start monitoring kid’s Telegram activity?

of 12-15-year-olds have social media accounts

With secret and cloud chat features, Telegram attracts more and more users every day. Indeed, Telegram is a comfortable way to stay connected with friends. But it is also a way for strangers to contact your child.

Monitor your kid’s Telegram activity to prevent dangerous interactions. Read their messages and view secret chats with KidSecured Telegram parental control app.

Why KidSecured Parental Control Is The Best At Telegram Monitoring

Digital parenting is the phenomena of the 21st century. While not a long time ago, parents were only concerned about the safety of their children; now they are also worried about the online security of their offspring. That's why parental control app is essential for the digital parent.

Monitoring broad scope of online activities, the KidSecured app also allows to track your kid’s location and get notified on their arrival to school/home/etc. Besides, it grants access to the Telegram chats to check what messages they sent. Continue reading to discover more exciting KidSecured features.

How To Start Using Telegram Parental Control App?

KidSecured is the parental control app for mobile phones. You need to install it on the target device of your child to proceed to Telegram monitoring. Scan our brief guide on how to start monitoring Telegram chats with KidSecured.

  1. Join KidSecured community

    Your first step towards becoming a digital parent will be the purchase of KidSecured subscription. Opt for Premium package to unlock advanced features. Submit your order and check your e-mail for the welcome letter.

  2. Install and set up the KidSecured app

    Enter your account with personal login credentials provided in your letter. Once you log in, you will have access to personal Control Panel. Here you will find installation guidelines. The installation Wizard will walk you through the process and help to set up the KidSecured app.

    You can set the keyword monitoring, block websites and limit access to apps and set up more features from your Panel.

  3. Start monitoring Telegram activity

    To check the Telegram activity logs, log in to your Panel and select Telegram from the list of activities on the left. So, you can discover what messages your child sends and receives.

    You cannot only read the kid’s Telegram messages with the KidSecured app. Keep reading to find out about other benefits of KidSecured.

Monitor Telegram Keywords And More With KidSecured

KidSecured doesn’t only provide Telegram monitoring. It allows you to control your kid’s Telegram use without your constant supervision. Check what KidSecured can offer you to ensure your online safety of your child.

  • Telegram Keywords Tracking

    Keyword tracking options from KidSecured helps parents to stay alert on specific keywords used by their child. You can set the alert word and get a notification every time your kid types it on Telegram. KidSecured will inform you even if the keyword is used in other instant messaging apps.

  • Telegram Blocking

    KidSecured can help you manage your kid's device use. You will be able to limit access to Telegram and other apps if you think your child uses them too often. Feel free to unblock the app whenever you want.

  • Telegram Photos Monitoring

    As you may know, all the instant pictures the user takes on Telegram app are automatically saved to Photo Gallery. KidSecured shows the photos stored in the gallery of your child. So, you will be informed what images your child shares in Telegram chats.

Control Your Child’s Device Use Remotely

At KidSecured, we understand that most of the kids live distantly from their parents. Whether your kids are international students or you have joint custody, your child needs protection and support. That's why KidSecured is designed to work remotely.

You can install the KidSecured app on the kid's device and forget about it entirely. The only thing you need to monitor their activity is to check your Control Panel once in a while. Your Panel will contain:

  • Locations History

    KidSecured tracks real-time location of your child and stores history in Locations tab in your Panel.

  • Sent/Received Messages

    Both SMS and messages exchanged on social media apps, and IMs will also be stored in your Control Panel.

  • Contacts List

    KidSecured allows you to view address book of your child as well as Snapchat and Hangouts contacts.

  • Your Settings

    You can access your Panel anytime to change the default settings and modify your own configuration. So, the app will work as you want it to.

    Protect your child from unwanted connections – install the KidSecured app to start monitoring their online and offline activity.