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Tinder Monitoring

Teens often hurry to explore popular dating platforms and try online dating. KidSecured helps to monitor your kid’s Tinder account to prevent unwanted connections.

Tinder Tracker -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Manage your tween’s Tinder activity
  • View matches
  • Check conversations

Why will you find Tinder monitoring useful?

of 12-15s have profiles on social media app

Did you know that one must be 18 to have a Tinder account? Many tweens and teens tend to ignore this requirement. In result, youngsters often are involved in interaction with fake profiles and fall victims to catfishing.

Protect your child from misuse of social media apps and monitor their Tinder profile with KidSecured. Read all the messages exchanged on Tinder and view matches right from your Control Panel.

Discover Why KidSecured Is The Best App For Tinder Monitoring

Tinder is an easy and fun way to meet new people and try casual dating. Moreover, you won’t feel rejected on Tinder as the app doesn’t show profiles who swiped left on you. The last fact adds up the popularity of Tinder among tweens and teens.

But, with all the social media rise, kids’ activity needs to be supervised. KidSecured parental control app is an excellent way to start. Learn why KidSecured is the best solution for Tinder monitoring.

Prevent Security Risks On Tinder With KidSecured

Tinder poses many risks for underage users. Not many people know that the minimum age requirement on Tinder is 18 years. Some youngsters are informed about such limitations, but they manage not to follow the rules. By rushing into dating, they quickly get disappointed and deluded.

Tinder is created for adult use mainly. Not surprisingly, as adults aren’t such naïve as kids and can identify the scammer. Scan the list of other online threats youngsters are exposed to on Tinder:

  • Fake profiles - Not every Tinder profile is real. Some users steal other people's photos and create a phony account of that person. They may pretend to be your child's friend to involve them in texting. No wonder, many kids suffer from catfishing these days.
  • Location exposure - Tinder can access your location to show the matches nearby. That’s why you can’t hide where you are from anyone on Tinder. This algorithm poses a great danger for the children, as anyone can track them down and even kidnap.
  • Low self-esteem - Although Tinder won't show who rejected you, the lack of connections may make youngster think they are not attractive/smart/sexy/good enough. Children take things personally. They start questioning their appearance and individuality, setting the stage for low self-esteem.

The list of all online threats isn’t full. You can’t predict what people your child will meet on Tinder, and consequently, it’s not fair to say that every child comes across the same online dangers. Every case is individual. But what is similar in all cases is that parents can help their children avoid risks.

Prevent Online Risks With KidSecured

It’s high time to find out why KidSecured is the best parental control app for Tinder monitoring. Firstly, the app allows you to read all Tinder conversations. So you will be able to know who interacts with your child and what things they share privately.

Secondly, with KidSecured you can monitor all scope of activities on the kid’s mobile phone. You can check kid’s location, call history and web searches all at once in your Control Panel.

Thirdly, you can block access to inappropriate apps and websites. So you can easily restrict your child from using Tinder and prevent exposure to any risks.

Applying intelligent software, KidSecured keeps you informed on the online activities of your kid. Purchase subscription to be aware of everything your child does online.