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Snapchat Activity Monitoring

Snapchat is the most popular social media app. With KidSecured you can read the sent and received messages and discover what your child shares on Snapchat.

Snapchat tracker -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • View the content of each message
  • Check on the media sent
  • Examine vanishing snaps

Why is it necessary to monitor your kid’s Snapchat?

of 12-15s children, Snapchat is the main social media app (compared to 16% in 2016)

Kids love Snapchat for the feeling of secrecy it gives. You can send any photo without the fear to be compromised, as Snapchat deletes snaps every 10 seconds. But, the secrecy is often ruined when someone takes a screenshot of the image you send.
Frequently, teens and tweens are at risk of being judged by what they share on Snapchat. Parents need to know what dangers their child faces on social media apps. KidSecured allows you to view all the snaps your child sends and read their Snapchat messages to prevent overexposure.

We live in a world where the numbers of social media users grow every day. The vast majority of Snapchat and Instagram profiles aren't created by adults, but by tweens and teens. Snapchat stands out of the list of social media apps. It grasps large audience and is the most popular app among kids.

But as long as children use Snapchat, they are exposed to several risks. With all the popularity, Snapchat is the platform for bullying and harassment. That's why parents need to stay alert when their child creates a Snapchat profile. Learn what risks kids face on Snapchat and how to prevent them.

What Risks Does Snapchat Hide?

Before going into dangers of Snapchat, let’s briefly explain how it works. Snapchat is the mobile phone app. You need to install it on your device to start chatting with other users. After creating your profile, you can take a picture, edit it with Snapchat doodles.

You can choose a friend to send your image to and set a timer for maximum 10 seconds. Timer defines the time after which Snapchat will delete your photo. So, the user you sent a picture to can view it during a short time.

Not many parents use Snapchat to communicate. The target users of this app are tweens and teens. They use the Snapchat daily and face many online risks and dangers. Here are some of the main problems your child may confront while chatting on Snapchat.

  • Cyberbullying - It is easy to troll someone online because no one can ever notice and prevent it. That's why children feel uninterrupted to bully and mock the weaker ones. Cyberbullying often takes place in private messages or comments to photos. But sometimes it goes outside the online world and continues to exist in schools or other "offline" places.
  • Exclusivity - Exclusivity helps Snapchat children to limit individuals from seeing some posts/pictures. It gives the sense of secrecy. But the other side of exclusivity is that many excluded kids feel unwelcomed and isolated.
  • Overexposure - The vanishing images feature triggers another risk for kids. While they are sure their image will disappear soon, they aren't afraid to send explicit content to their friends. But since any smartphone allows us to take a screenshot, anyone can get a proof of the compromising images your child may send.

How KidSecured Helps To Prevent Snapchat Risks?

Problems outlined above may seem enough for parents to forbid their kids from using Snapchat. But, blocking Snapchat isn't always a wise decision. Everyone needs the freedom to choose what app to use. Although, parents need to find a way how to protect their kids from harmful effects of Snapchat.

KidSecured is a Snapchat parental control app necessary for every parent. By applying innovative monitoring technology, KidSecured captures the text of each Snapchat message of your child and shows what disappearing messages the kid sends.

KidSecured is easy to install. You only need to have physical access to the Android device of your child. Once you install the KidSecured on your kid’s device, the app will start collecting information on Snapchat activity. KidSecured will capture the messages your child receives and sends. You will also be able to check the vanishing images your child takes.

Where can you find the collected Snapchat activity? KidSecured logs information right on the target device and transfers it to your Control Panel. You can access the Control Panel from your computer, which has an Internet connection.

The KidSecured parental control app requires Internet access. Make sure your kid’s device has mobile data to allow the app to send activity details to your Control Panel.