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Skype Tracker

Skype is a free way to contact your friends and call them anytime. Track kid’s Skype conversations to protect them from bullies and strangers.

Skype Tracker -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Read messages
  • Track Skype calls
  • Check calls duration, users’ Skype ID and more

Why Should Your Track Kid’s Skype Activity?

of teens would rather Skype their friends than see them in person

A shocking number of tweens and teens tend to choose communication in Skype over the real one. Indeed, Skype is a great app to chat, but only a few parents know who their kids interact with.

Check your kid’s conversations on Skype to protect them from unwanted connections. With KidSecured you will get regular updates on the online and offline activity of your child.

Discover No-Fuss Way To Monitor Your Kid’s Skype Activity

It’s now a well-known fact that technology makes us disconnected. Modern teens and tweens are more likely to video call their friends than go out and see them in person. The question is should parents be disturbed?

One can’t ignore the technology and their effect of the lifestyle of youth. That’s why it’s important to understand that you can’t stop your child using Skype. But you can monitor their online activity to prevent unwanted connections. Find out more about KidSecured Skype monitoring app and start tracking your kid’s device without fuss.

How To Setup KidSecured Skype Tracker On Kid’s Device?

KidSecured is the parental control app, which needs to be installed on the device of your child. The process is straightforward. Besides, you will have our Customer Support on the line to help you out. Check the short guide on how to install and setup KidSecured Skype Tracker on your kid’s device.

  1. Purchase subscription

    To start using Skype Tracker, you need to go for a Premium subscription package. Submit your order and wait for your welcome letter with personal login credentials.

  2. Install the KidSecured app

    Once you receive a letter, you can enter your Control Panel with credentials provided. Log in to find the Installation Wizard. It will guide you through the process and helps to install the KidSecured app on the device of your child.

  3. Set up the app

    Enter your Panel and explore all the scope of activities monitored on the left. You can set the keyword tracking, block access to some sources and set the app to notify you when a child reaches the pre-defined location.

  4. Monitor Skype activity

    To start tracking Skype activity, scroll down and choose Skype to see what’s your child has been up to. Select Calls to check the calls history and click Messages to read the messages your child exchanges on Skype.

To receive the latest Skype activity updates, make sure your kid’s device is connected to Wi-Fi. So you will be able to check the newest logs regularly.

Start Monitoring Kid’s Skype Activity Remotely

KidSecured is the best monitoring option for busy parents. With the KidSecured app, you can monitor your kid's device remotely. It keeps you updated on your kid’s activities even if they are international students.

KidSecured is designed with the idea of helping parents to stay more aware of what their children are up to. Providing insights into social media activity and tracking kid’s current location, KidSecured ensures complete safety of your child even if distance separates you.