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Viber Monitoring

Keep tabs on your kid’s Viber activities with Kidsecured. Ensure they are safe and not involved in unwanted interactions.

Viber Tracker -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Read Viber texts;
  • Monitor Viber call details;
  • View Viber group chatting;

Why Parents Will Find This Feature Useful?

of teens and twins say they are online almost constantly

The growth of mobile devices contributes to the growth of social media. Social networking services like Viber unite people worldwide, but at the same time pose a serious threat to underage generation.
Cyberbullies, online predators, hackers and other strangers use social networking to lure kids into their trap. That’s why it is crucial for every parent to know what kids are up to online.
Using Kidsecured, you can not only monitor your kid’s activities on Viber but keep the vigilant eye on other instant messengers. Stay on the top of your kid’s safety with Kidsecured.

How to Monitor Cell Phone Viber & Messenger Texts

The usage of social media continues to grow in numbers all over the world. And the growth of mobile devices enormously contributes to this.

Viber is one of those instant messengers that is increasingly popular among youth and adults having more than 2.1 billion of active social media accounts worldwide.

Having a set of fun features that allow sharing texts, pictures, videos, and audio files, Viber still has reasons why parents need to know how to monitor Viber messages and calls. Let’s consider them in greater depth.

Why Viber Parental Controls Are Needed?

There is no surprise that with the increase of social media usage, teens become more exposed to violent and sexually-explicit content. Online predators, cyberbullies, sexual harassment are only several of possible troubles kids may come across on the Net.

The other problems include sharing too much sensitive information with people online and sending nude or semi-nude photos of themselves. According to this, the responsibility of every mom and dad is to protect kids whenever they are and whatever they use. And the most reliable tool for this is Kidsecured Viber parental control.

Steady Reasons to Use Kidsecured Parental Control for Viber

Here are some reasons why parents need to track Viber messages on iPhone and Android with Kidsecured:

  1. Kidsecured is legal: it is absolutely legal to use Kidsecured parental monitoring solution.
  2. Kidsecured is undetectable: the app works in stealth mode and allows you to protect your kids when you are not around.
  3. Kidsecured is simple: no technical skills are needed to install and customize Kidsecured.
  4. Kidsecured has different features: apart from Viber monitoring, Kidsecured allows parents to monitor calls, texts, instant messengers, browsing history and other activities.

The Internet opens a door for online predators and child abusers to commit dozens of crimes against young kids. That's why every mom and dad need to keep a vigilant eye on their kid’s activities. Using parental controls like Kidsecured allows parents to be aware of kid’s life and ensure total safety.