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33 Features Designed to Secure Your Kids

Frame phone
Manage calls and SMS, track kids location Monitor all nowaday messaging apps Control apps, media and Internet usage

Track Calls and Text Messages

Manage calls and SMS, track kids location Calls Restriction To Block Incoming Calls Text Messages Tracking
  • Call Logs Get revelatory insights into your kid’s interaction with others. Find out if there is a place for bullying in their life. Identify whether your kid’s social skills are not deviant.
  • Incoming Call Restriction Get specific about who’s calling or obsessively disturbing with calls. Stop unhealthy relationships by identifying a caller and blocking a certain number in a phone book.
  • Monitor Text Messages Learn the very nature of your kid’s communication with others. Stop a bully from reaching out to your child. Track some interests and intentions your kid might hide from you.
Kidsecured features

Read Messaging Apps

kidsecured whatsapp kidsecured snapchat kidsecured facebook messenger kidsecured imessenger kidsecured skype kidsecured telegram kidsecured hangouts kidsecured tinder kidsecured line kidsecured viber kidsecured kik kidsecured instagram
  • WhatsApp View every chat, be it with a sole individual or a group one. Find out if your kid is involved in a dark game like the Momo Challenge. Get to know the phone number of the potential abuser.
  • Snapchat Prevent kids from participating in sexting or other provocative activity. Identify a bully or, vice versa, whether your child is mean with somebody. Get some useful insights to step in timely.
  • Facebook Messenger Get to know who proceeded from Facebook into the personal chatting with a kid. Identify people you wouldn’t approve as a social environment for your child. Prevent an unwanted communication.
  • iMessage Discover how exactly children use instant messengers. Identify people involved in a communication and block them in a phone book. View shared photos or videos.
  • Skype Determine who’s on that side of the screen. Prevent a real-life communication you disapprove. Find out who’s exactly trying to reach out to your kid and aims at accessing physically.
  • Telegram Uncover contact numbers and profile pictures behind them. Determine a secret friend or a hidden group in which participants share the stuff you would never consent to.
  • Hangouts Pinpoint who’s writing and what exactly to your child. Reveal the nature of communication and prevent contacts and an interaction you would never accept as a parent.
  • Tinder Prevent random hook-ups and potential dangerous liaisons. Track a dating profile and chatting with people who might have evil intentions. Block it as well.
  • Line Define the level of relationships your child might have with others. View texts and stickers. Look through group chats to learn about your kid’s crushes or vice versa.
  • Viber Discover who’s annoying your kid or being explicitly mean. Look through the contacts. Find shared multimedia files and stickers. Qualify the very nature of relationships.
  • Kik Prevent or stop bullying. View chatting with a sole person, group, or bot. Examine if your kid’s communicative skills are appropriate. Look for particular people’s contacts if necessary.
  • Instagram Read direct messages. Reveal some sensitive information whose sharing is proper to this social media. Stop your child’s participation in sexting or prevent contacts with online predators.

Track location

GPS location Geo-fencing tracking
  • Current GPS Location Check on kids remotely. Combine effectively work and parenting by getting updates on kid’s whereabouts. Receive the child’s geo-location with timestamps.
  • Geo-Fencing Depict exact places to go and not to for your child. Monitor activity in safe zones. Get alerts when secure areas are crossed. Receive the information straight to your email with timestamps.

Control Apps and Programs

Installed applications Blocked applications Device keylogger
  • Installed Applications View installed apps and get insights into the nature of your kid’s interests. Find out what consumes their time. Regain and refocus your child’s attention on healthy activities.
  • Application Blocking Take the device use into your own hands. Get to know what kind of apps are installed on the phone. Manage screen time by blocking applications you condemn.
  • Keylogger Stay connected with your child by knowing their field of interests. Read keystrokes and prevent activities they are about to take up and which you deem inappropriate.

View Multimedia Files

Reviewing Multimedia Files(photos) Reviewing Multimedia Files(videos)
  • Photos Check what kind of content your child shares via social media and instant messengers. Determine whether it is appropriate. React in time if it will influence their reputation.
  • Videos Check shared videos which may be provocative or lewd. Understand your kid’s inclinations and the character of their digital behavior in overall. Find out if you need to correct it properly.

Monitor Internet Activity

Browser History Browser bookmarks Blocked sites Wi-fi networks Device Keywords Emails
  • Browsing History Verify what sites your child visits. Get the whole picture of the Internet surfing, including bookmarks. Always be aware of what content nurtures your kid’s mind.
  • Website Bookmarks Get specific about your child’s online activity by checking bookmarks. Find out what exactly draws their attention. Discover things they wouldn’t open up about otherwise.
  • Blocking Websites Use this powerful feature to manage screen time. Get back your child to sports and family’s events. Prohibit platforms that seem harmful for children’s sanity.
  • Wi-Fi Networks Have a significant addition to the GPS tracking. Find places your child is visiting by identifying hotspots their phone was connected to. Prevent visiting inappropriate locations.
  • Keyword alerts Narrow down the search of keystrokes by setting up particular words or phrases. Get the information that might be crucial for you. Discover your child’s current interests.
  • Incoming / Outgoing Emails View emails and identify people involved in the correspondence. Prevent hidden bullying, contacts with abusers, or uncontrolled personal information distribution.

Access Contacts and Calendar

Device Calendar Device Contacts
  • Calendar Activities Track every calendar’s entry your child makes. Identify a planned event or activity you wouldn’t approve. Find out what your child is currently up to and step in if necessary.
  • Contacts Uncover people behind every contact. Find a bully or an abuser. Identify who exactly sends particular messages or calls. Be always aware of your kid’s social environment.

Control and Analyze Kids’ Activity

Device Locking Device information Control Panel Alerts
  • Additional Device Info Get some extra data which might be helpful for you. Detect when the battery died or what kind of the Internet connection the phone had. Check if your kid doesn’t lie about particular issues.
  • Control Panel Receive your own remote control and dashboard in one feature. Supervise everything that happens on the device and manage it as well. Control things you’re most interested in.
  • Uninstall Alert Be notified if the app’s functioning was interrupted. Learn immediately when the software is removed. Get all necessary information in order to keep using the software.