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Kik Monitoring

Monitor the Kik activity of your kid. Stay ahead of any potential danger with Kidsecured.

Monitor Kik app -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • View every Kik text your kids share
  • Know who your kids talk with on Kik
  • Monitor date and time of every text

Why Will Parents Find This Feature Useful?

of teens in the United States use Kik Messenger

Kik is a popular app among kids as it allows to send and receive text messages, interact with people around the globe and share media files. The other thing that makes it that popular is anonymity. To register the account, kids don’t need to enter their phone number or other information apart from the username. Due to this, Kik has downsides for safety and privacy.

That’s why if your kid uses Kik, you need to provide them with safety guidelines and minimize all potential dangers and risks. Using Kidesecured, you can supervise all Kik activities of your kid and ensure they are not lured into the trap of cybercriminals.

What is Kik Parental Monitoring: All You Need to Know

Kik is a free instant messaging app created to share text messages and media files with other users. This app is one of extremely popular among kids due to its anonymity. To register an account, Kik doesn’t require any additional information but a username. But is Kik safe for kids?

It is estimated that 40 % of teenagers in the U.S use Kik. The number of kids using Kik messenger is a serious cause for concern. Especially for parents who have no clue what kids do on Kik and who they are chatting with. Unfortunately, there are no built-in parental controls on Kik. But for careful parents there are parental apps that monitor Kik, Kidsecured is one of them.

Why to read Kik messages with parental controls?

As we already mentioned, Kik is so popular due to its anonymity. Let us explain, Kik doesn’t require a phone number to register an account, but at the same time it uses IP address to identify the location. This opens a door wide open to those online predators who lure vulnerable kids into their trap. Also, like other instant messengers, Kik may be used for cyberbullying and sexting. So as a parent, it is important to monitor kid’s Kik and other instant messengers.

Statistics that shows that Kik parental control is needed

  • Currently, Kik messenger has over 240 million registered users;
  • Every user spends more than 30 minutes every day chatting on Kik;
  • 40% of users are young kids and teens;
  • Kik is extremely popular among kids and teens due to its anonymity;
  • As it allows people to hide their identity, Kik is a sweet spot for online predators, child abusers, and other strangers;
  • Apart from strangers with nefarious purposes, Kik may be used for sexting (sharing sexually explicit photos);

What is parental monitoring app for Kik?

With all said above, it is important to provide additional protection for kids while they use Kik. It is where Kidsecured comes in handy.

If you let your kids have Kik installed on their devices, you also need to use Kidsecured parental monitoring. The app is available both for Android and iOS and allows parents to:

  • Read sent and received text messages on Kik;
  • Know who kids interact with and what they are up to;
  • Monitor time and date of every text message on Kik.

Kidsecured is a reliable tool that can protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators and other strangers with nefarious purposes. Additionally, Kidsecured keeps an eye on other activities taking place on your kid's device. So you will always know whether your kid installs a new app or visits adult websites.

Having Kidsecured installed on your kid's device, you can forget about stresses and strains when your kid is not around. All the information will be available for you from the online Control Panel. Use Kidsecured parental control and stay ahead of any potential danger.