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Instagram Tracker App

Instagram is grasping more and more young audience every year. Make sure negativity doesn't surround your child on Instagram – check their online activity with KidSecured.

Instagram Tracker -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Read Instagram direct messages
  • Check shared links
  • Find out your kid’s interactions on Instagram

Why should you use Instagram tracker app?

of parents are aware that 13 is the minimum age requirement for Instagram

Majority of children now have Instagram profiles. But did you know 13 is the minimum age requirement for Instagram? There are a lot of kids, who overcome this limitation and many parents who don’t protect their tweens from the negative influence of this social media app.

Start using KidSecured Instagram tracker app to check the Instagram of your child. Protect young minds from negativity and bad influence.

Help Your Child Avoid Negativity On Instagram With KidSecured

Instagram has gained a lot of popularity since the year of its creation. Started as a simple photo-sharing app, it has transformed into an advertising/blogging platform where everyone should post perfect pictures.

Widely used among tweens and teens, Instagram stays a number one app to express yourself through beautiful photography. But, along with many benefits, it brings anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression.

Parents often ask: why a popular media platform like that would influence a young generation that way? Find answers to that question in this article.

Parental Concerns With Instagram

More and more parents are worried about things their kids are exposed to online. Indeed, there are reasons to be concerned. It is believed that tweens and teens who spend a lot of time scrolling Instagram feed, are more likely to suffer from mental distress.

Beautiful photos of people who are always on vacations can disquiet even the most psychologically stable person. Children experience even more stress on Instagram. They start comparing themselves to more popular, cool peers. After the comparison, comes despair about not living the life of cool kids.

Instagram posts frequently set unrealistic expectations. It is easy to create a perfect image with lots of filters and editing, but that's not the real state of things. Such polished pictures make children think they are not enough for something or someone. They start thinking they don’t fit the circles they want to be in.

Described above and a lot of other things create parental concerns. Parents feel their child is not okay, but they can't understand what exactly causes this distress. KidSecured Instagram parental controls may help you figure out what emotions your child experience. Find out how to set up the Instagram parental monitoring app now.

How To Setup Parental Controls On Instagram?

Instagram has taken some measures to help users control how much time they spend scrolling feed. They introduced daily reminders. You can set the timer for Instagram use in the app settings, and it will remind you once you reach the limit.

There are no other modifications that could help young generation manage their Instagram use better. Maybe there will be in future. Parents, who want to protect their children from negative influence on Instagram, should start monitoring their activities with parental control app. KidSecured is the one you definitely need to try on.

To start tracking your kid's Instagram activity, you need to register your account on Then you will need to install the application. Installation is an easy and fast process; you are free to contact our Customer Support if the guidelines aren't clear to you.

Once installed, the KidSecured app will begin tracking the Instagram activity of your child. KidSecured then transfers the found info to your Panel. From your Control Panel you can:

  • Read Instagram direct messages - The content of each message will be reflected in the Instagram Messages tab.
  • Check shared links - KidSecured also reflects links users exchange with each other.
  • Find out your kid’s interactions - By analyzing your kid’s messaging history on Instagram, you will figure out who they interact mostly with.

KidSecured uses an Internet connection to transfer the collected data to your Control Panel. Don't forget to check whether the kid's phone has mobile data or can connect the Wi-Fi spot nearby.

What to do after you checked the kid’s Instagram messages? Our advice is to discuss the Instagram activity with your child. Tell your child that anyone can easily expose information they share in Direct Message. Help your kid understand the privacy rules on Instagram and make their Instagram use safer.

By explaining the dangers of overexposure and dispelling the myth of perfect-looking pictures, you can help your child grow their self-confidence and inner strength.