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Facebook Messenger Tracker

Monitor every Facebook message of your kid. Know who your kid is communicating with on Facebook.

Read Facebook Messages -

With Kidsecured Parents Can:

  • Read all sent and received messages on Facebook
  • Check the time and date stamps of every message
  • Be aware with whom your kid communicates online

Why Parents Will Find This Feature Useful?

of U.S teens ages 13-17 use Facebook

Facebook has become a constant partner of kids daily life. They always need to know what is going on with their friends as well as need to share their own life with their followers.
The problem is that kids are in the development stage of life, so for them, it is difficult to differentiate good from bad. As a result, this often leads to posting things that contain too much personal information.
With Kidsecured, parents can monitor all sent and received Facebook messages check who their kids are chatting with and prevent unwanted interactions.

The Other Side of Facebook Messenger: What Parents Need to Know

Facebook Messenger is becoming increasingly popular among young kids. They use it to interact with their friends, share their life with their followers and meet new people. Like a coin has two sides, the Facebook messenger may also pose severe dangers to underage kids.

What Dangers Does Facebook Messenger have?

These days, not all moms and dads know about the possibility of Facebook monitoring. But even those who do are skeptical about it as they don't want to invade their teen's privacy. But are they really do?

When it comes right down to it, parental monitoring is not about privacy, it is about safety. Here are 5 reasons why every parent needs to pay close attention to their kid’s Facebook activity.

  1. Cyberbullying - In most cases, kids who are cyberbullied online suffer from emotional distress and depression, but never tell their parents about it. Monitoring Facebook and other instant messengers allow you to keep tabs on all your kid's conversations and raise a red flag if your kid is cyberbullied by somebody else or if your kid cyberbullies somebody.
  2. Sexting (sharing explicit content) - Very often young kids share explicit content to impress their boyfriend /girlfriend or just to have fun. Supervising your kid’s Facebook allows you to step in and put an end to this behavior.
  3. Online Predators - Facebook Messenger, like other chatting apps, is a sweet spot for online predators to find and groom young kids. Tracking Facebook and other kid’s instant messengers, you can always know with whom your kid is talking to and what content they share online.
  4. Identity theft - As we already said, kids quite often reveal too much personal information to third parties, which may result in finding kids in the real world or identity theft. That’s why for parents it is crucially important to know what kids share and to whom. Monitoring Facebook messages app and other social media platforms give you a chance to intervene before anything bad happens.
  5. Screen-time overuse - Nowadays, kids spend online more time than they should, neglecting studying and outdoor activities. That's the reason why parents need to supervise their kid's screen-time and impose reasonable limits for its use.

How to Minimize the Online Threats with Kidsecured?

The problems we just mentioned is only a drop in the ocean. There are much more dangers kids may come across online. The duty of every parent is to minimize the risks of facing online threats and to protect kids when they are not around. It is where Kidsecured Facebook messenger tracking comes in handy.

Kidsecured allows parents to track Facebook messages of their kids preventing unwanted exposure and undesired interactions. So if you still concerned about invading your kid’s privacy, don’t be. There are a lot of scary things online to let your kids to go online unsupervised.