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Smart parental control app

Get the whole Internet activity, device use, and locations straight to your hands with the KidSecured app. Have 33 features deliver you up-to-date data wherever you are.

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Manage calls and SMS, track kids location - Kidsecured Monitor all nowaday messaging apps - Kidsecured Control apps, media and internet usage - Kidsecured

Get the whole Internet activity, device use, and locations straight to your hands with the KidSecured app. Have 33 features deliver you up-to-date data wherever you are.

Buy Now Starting from $11.67

Monitor your kid with KidSecured

  • CALLS View incoming and outgoing calls with timestamps. Block unwelcome numbers to secure a kid against an unhealthy communication.
  • SMS and MMS Look through texts and multimedia files sent or received by your child. Get a clear idea about the nature of their interaction with others.
  • Messaging apps Monitor your child’s chats via WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger. View other 9 popular apps children use for contacting online.
image - blocking sites - Kidsecured
  • Locations Track your kid’s real-time GPS location. Map out no-go areas on the virtual map and get alerts when spots are crossed.
  • Multimedia Files View every photo and video stored on your child’s device. Get to know their interests by accessing the material they favorited.
  • Internet and applications Monitor your child’s Internet and device use. Control what kind of content feeds your kid’s mind by blocking websites and apps.

33 features Designed to Secure Your Kids

Explore what your kid is doing online

monitoring sms - text messages - Kidsecured

Monitoring the child’s communication - whether it’s SMS or iMessages via Snapchat, Instagram or any other trendy messenger - can provide helpful insights and prevent contacts with unwanted people. Make the kid’s interactions as safe as possible.

Map out safe areas for your kid

Map out safe areas for your kid - Kidsecured

KidSecured GPS tracking is a way out for parents willing to check on kids remotely with an accurate GPS phone tracker. The phone locator pinpoints where the child’s device is and allows setting no-go places on a virtual map with alerts mailout.

With KidSecured phone locator, you always know where your kid is

The KidSecured app is a reliable solution for every parent who wants to regulate the child’s online activity and device use. Whatever parents’ situation - co-parenting, long-distance trips, night shifts - they can get updates on their kid’s whereabouts and notifications if they leave safe areas.

The app resonates a lot with the citizens of the Illinois state. It has the highest level of missing kids. Thus, parents turn more and more to the KidSecured app as a phone tracker to be always aware of where their precious child is.

The second state with the same problem is Pennsylvania. That way, the GPS location tracking feature has more demand. Furthermore, it comes with the exact address and timestamps.
Meanwhile, California, considered as “the celeb’s hive”, shows the tendency of kids’ tech and social media addiction. The latter affects their self-esteem and needs a serious regulation. This is why web filters and blocking features are more welcomed by its citizens.

New York is another state demonstrating a demand for the Internet activity monitoring. The most popular feature is viewing online activities and iMessages. To prevent a lewd content to nurture kids’ mind, viewing chats as well as visited sites is crucial. After child sexting precedents, parents try to supervise who exactly get in touch with their kids. Moreover, checking exchanged multimedia files to identify the case is powerful as well.

The app also has the huge customers’ feedback from Florida and Texas as well. Since 95% of the US teens use social media (according to the Pew survey), this is where the whole “magic happens”: cyberbullying, contacts with online abusers, and child sexting.

For the record, there are 750 000 registered online predators in the US. They hide under cute-face profiles and befriend kids on social media.
Cyberbullying is going to hit 13 000 million teens this year (according to the Megan Meier Foundation).
Online sexting is equal to a child pornography and criminalized by the USA legislation. Teens involved in it can face problems with a further academic and career development as well as with housing acquirement.
Therefore, parents have all the chances to find out and to step in timely before an irreparable harm happens.

The work of such apps is green-lighted by the most powerful institutions like the European Union and UNICEF which advocate for a “safe Internet for kids”. They encourage IT industry representatives to develop solutions which can protect children against the most vigorous online risks.

To sum up, the KidSecured app is able to meet the needs of every household since it literally contains 35 monitoring customized features. It joins the list of top players on the monitoring market which promises to reach $9 billion by 2023. Globally, it will grow due to constantly arising Internet dangers, tech addiction, and cyber attacks which threaten the very safety of corporations, families, and kids. These are key reasons for every parent to think about a useful tech assistant that will help face modern challenges.